If you were outside last night around 8:30ish, you might have seen a big fireball streak across the sky. I was outside at a barbeque before the Manny Pacquiao fight when I saw it! It was pretty scary, but now we know what it was.

The National Weather Service says people from Arizona to Texas saw the bright light in the sky. It's not known how long it was in the air. The American Meteor Society's website says it's investigating almost 100 reports from people who reported seeing the light.

A NASA camera from NMSU caught the fireball on camera. An official with Meteoroid Environments Office said a rough estimate of the size of last night's meteor would be a rock around a foot in diameter. So far, no one knows where the meteor landed, but if you wonder what a meteor looks like from space, here is last night's meteor.

Remember when this huge meteor hit Russia?