If you enjoyed watching Malcolm in the Middle then this throwback Thursday honors one of the show's fictional characters. Reese (Justin Tyler Berfield) played the dimwitted older brother on the show Malcolm in the Middle. If you watched enjoyed watching the show for 7 seasons there were a few occasions El Paso, Texas was featured.

Now, the show didn't exactly film in El Paso but featured our hometown in a different way. I didn't really get into that television show but I know friends who watched it religiously. If you're one of those people who made sure not to miss an episode know where I am going with this.

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After scrolling through Reddit one day I stumbled across a post that NeitherAccess8064's had shared that had me surprised. Diana Shaheen shared a picture of Reese who happened to be sporting El Paso proudly.

The picture she shared is of the older brother Reese sporting an El Paso, Texas t-shirt. But that particular El Paso, Texas Longhorns t-shirt was featured more than once on a few episodes. There were a few episodes that you would be able to see Reese wearing that El Paso, Texas Longhorns shirt.

Reese wore this shirt in multiple episodes! MitM! from r/ElPaso

If you're at all confused about the shirt like me, there's an explanation. According to another Reddit user SamMacias, the shirt is from a youth football team from Thomas Manor. This throwback Thursday honors the fictional character, Reese, from Malcolm in the Middle for sporting El Paso, Texas Longhorns not only once nor twice, but on several occasions. There were some locals who watched the show but didn't even notice the shirt years ago.

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