As the holiday season continues, many El Pasoans are looking for unique, safe ways to enjoy a vacation. One close little getaway many El Pasoans drive out to is Ruidoso, New Mexico.

I've only stayed in Ruidoso a few times but it was as a kid and as a family trip. Of course, with family trips, it is easy to just rent a corporate hotel. Which you shouldn't always do because Ruidoso has so many amazing local cabins to rent out.

What Makes Ruidoso Different

One area that is recently catching visitors' attention is Ponderosa Cabins. While the cabins do look great in photos, they aren't the things catching social media's attention. It is the wildlife that loves to roam the area.

Ponderosa Cabins via Facebook
Ponderosa Cabins via Facebook

I have no idea if the owners have the same animal attraction powers as a Disney princess but the photo above is a perfect photo for any business. This deer is staring right into your soul, with adorable eyes, trying to hypnotize you into calling the office to reserve your cabin ASAP.

As you scroll through their Facebook you can see that the deer are happy to visit this campsite regularly. If you are one of those Disney fanatics who always wanted to score the ultimate wildlife photo, as you sing like a Disney princess, I think I found your perfect vacation spot.

Of course, there are tons of other cabins in the area that you can rent out like Rainbow Lake, Three TImes a Charm, and Hummingbird Cabin just to name a few.

I can't vouch for any magical deer photo opportunities at any other cabin rentals, but that cutie at Ponderosa Cabins is one photo I hope to get one day.

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