Car salesmen have a reputation for pulling some slick moves. An El Paso car salesman is making quite the reputation for himself for his sick moves.

Thanks to a clip posted on the Instagram account FitFam El Paso, the talents of the energetic salesguy who mans the Charlie Clark Café at The Outlet Shoppes at El Paso have gone viral. In just a few days, the short video of his fancy footwork already has over 140,000 views.

El Paso has seen some interesting characters over the years. Do you remember Simon the concert dude? Simon was at just about every rock concert that came to El Paso and Las Cruces. Most of the time he’d be sitting the first few rows fist-pumping and devil-horning all night.

What about the Coronado Sandman? Known for his unique street art, the Sandman’s creativity was often on display on the streets and parking lots of the Eastside.

Dancing Car Guy is the latest.

FitFam El Paso
FitFam El Paso

The Dancing El Paso Car Salesman at The Outlet Shoppes

Here’s what I’ve learned about him from the comments people have left on the post:

• His name is Bobby
• He’s always krunk
• He is genuinely that energetic 24/7
• He always has a smile on his face
• The dealership needs to give him a raise

And from a co-worker I learned Bobby graduated from Andres High School, went to UTEP, and has been with Charlie Clark Nissan for almost two years. Hey, Charlie, love your Nana, but put Bobby in your commercials. Orale!

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