Ok, so Daddy’s Home was trash in my opinion but I saw it with my family so I thought it would be a cute idea to catch the sequel. My theory worked for Bad Moms & Bad Mom’s Christmas because the first film was a disaster in my opinion however Bad Mom’s Christmas was so lit! I feel like movie producers put together raunchy comedies with desperate jokes that are comparable to a little kid hitting himself over the head with a water bottle for a laugh; like at what point is the desperation too much? I was hoping that Daddy’s Home 2 would mimic the comedic success of Bad Mom’s Christmas but left disappointed to have paid full price. Side note: I went on a Tuesday and only paid half price but I was still annoyed and sat in regret to the end of the film.

The movie is about 2 dad’s fixated on co-parenting their kids and stepchildren and since it’s a holiday themed movie the element of their fathers joining them for the holidays is introduced to add to the hectic nature of the Christmas season. There are funny one-liners, the kids in the film have their adult humor innapropriate moments and it’s full of corny zingers but I found the most comedy in Will Ferrell's acting alone. There is a heartwarming moment at the end just like any film but I wish I would have waited for Daddy’s Home 2 to end up on Hulu, just like Daddy’s Home part 1 is now….

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