This is the most ridiculous arranged marriage ever.

And there isn’t even a groom involved yet.

Cecil Chao Sze-tsung, a property magnate in Hong Kong, has doubled a dowry for the lucky man who marries his lesbian daughter to a whopping $120 million.

Chao claims he only has good intentions:

I don’t want to interfere with my daughter’s private life. I only hope for her to have a good marriage and children as well as inherit my business.”

The previous price of $60 million in 2012 roped in 20,000 eager men, but none of them fit the rather large bill being offered.

Chao’s daughter, Gigi, 33, is an activist in the LGBT community, founding a gay rights group. She’s been with her partner for nine years. Both women have reportedly begged her father to stop putting a price on her hand in marriage.

Gigi has gone on record criticizing the payout:

I don't think my dad's offering of any amount of money would be able to attract a man I would find attractive. Alternatively, I would be happy to befriend any man willing to donate huge amounts of money to my charity... provided they don't mind that I already have a wife.

Amazingly, Gigi and her dad work together for his company:

I understand that he loves me, it's just he's from another time and it's difficult for him to understand the plight of the LGBT [community]. At the office it's business as usual. At family gatherings we hug and dance. And we just agree to disagree on what marriage is and family is.”

There’s no word on whether Chao is willing to up the ante again, but at the rate he’s going he’s going to shell out the most money for someone from an Asian country not named Masahiro Tanaka.