I can't stand the cuteness! On Father's Day, 5-Year-Old Jacob was given the opportunity to sing the National Anthem at the June 16th El Paso Chihuahuas Game. Jacob has stolen the hearts of El Pasoans as he amazingly got through the National Anthem with pure enthusiasm and adorableness.

Everyone could have gone home after that performance because he stole the show, even before the game started. Every father at that game probably told their sons, "why are you not that cute?" I think a majority of people started planning to have a son in a couple of months so they too could have such an adorable singer in their lives.

Either way, Jacob is now an El Paso treasure for dominating his performance and really giving social media an adorable video to share with the world. We are proud to say Jacob is an El Paso Chihuahuas fan, who one day might be the next Bruno Mars. Jacob is already almost the same size as Bruno and is way cuter than him. Just saying. We can hope Jacob continues to pursue a career in music.

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