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The short answer is you really can't. First off, there are several different species of fire ants in Texas, some native, and some imported but however the most aggressive, and most active are the imported little critters. Nothing has yet been created, invented, or devised to eradicate fire ants altogether.

The only alternative is to be diligent in spraying, dusting, and knocking down their mounds to a more manageable, or better yet tolerable amount of fire ant mounds. Here are my thoughts on fire ants. I encourage the survival of the big red ants in my back pasture I also try to keep one mound of the "big red ants" near the front of my home. "The bigger red ants love to eat those painful, pesky fire ants and termites too.

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Yes, the bigger red ants can and do kill and eat fire ants and termites because they regard those tiny fire ants and termites as nutritious, meaty, and very tasty little treats that are packed with protein. Now, by using any level of chemicals and or baits, one runs the risk of killing or running off the big red ant colonies that I call the "good ants."

If you don't want any ants red or fire there is some good news. The ants can be controlled with due diligence, patience, and an extermination plan of some kind. The infamous mound drenches work, but it takes a more timely plan. Remember, you will not get rid of the ants but simply force them to move as seen in the video below.

The plan most licensed exterminators in the Lone Star State use on their personal homes and businesses is called the Texas Two-step Method. The two-step method will give you great control of fire ants, especially if you have much bigger lawns and neighborhoods where the mounds are numerous (exceeding five per 1/4 acre yards).

Two-step pesticides can be found at garden centers, nurseries, hardware, and/or pesticide stores. When properly applied, they cause very little risk to people and our pets. One Final thought on both fire and red ants love to eat ticks and fleas. I hope you have a safe and happy spring.

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