We love us the Concordia Cemetery here at KISS FM. It is one of the more unique features of the city, and their annual Dia de los Muertos Festival is a real taste of El Paso. During the festival, you'll get to walk around the century-old cemetery, get the history of the various areas including the Buffalo Soldier Memorial, the Children's Tree, the Masonic area, and the grave of John Wesley Hardin.

The Concordia Cemetery Dia de los Muertos Festival is the only one held inside of a cemetery, which is the traditional setting for Dia de los Muertos celebrations. Proceeds will be donated for the benefit of Concordia. The money will go towards the care, maintenance, and preservation of El Paso's historic cemetery.

If you are interested in having a booth, volunteering, or entertaining at the Dia De Los Muertos Festival, you need to be at a meeting for vendors tomorrow, September 27, at 110 E. San Antonio. Festival organizers will be on hand to answer questions, give out vendor information, and discuss volunteer opportunities.

WHAT: Dia de los Muertos Festival Vendor and Volunteer Meeting
WHEN: Tuesday, September 27, 6:00 p.m.
WHERE: 110 E. San Antonio
INFO: Collette Maes 915-497-1126 or Henry Flores 915-694-2317

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