We love to talk about ghosteses and haunted houses here at KISS FM, but we also make sure that we remind you that if you are going to go exploring haunted El Paso, that you do it on official ghost walks, not sneaking into supposedly haunted places.

People love to hang out at Concordia Cemetery because it's so old and so well known for being haunted, especially this time of year, but the Concordia Heritage Association says if you plan on going there to do 'black magic' or animal sacrifices, just stay away. They know that activity, especially illegal trespassing, ramps up this time of year, and they put on extra security to handle people who are up to no good. They say they just want to make sure that people don't create problems with their preservation efforts and respect the people who are buried there.

Concordia Heritage Association officials say if they catch you breaking the law or doing animal sacrifices, they will call the El Paso Police Department and will prosecute you.

If you want to go on one of their sanctioned ghost walks, you can click here for more information about the ones begin offered this month.

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