I bet the name Kristen Schaal looks very familiar to you. She is one of my favorite comedians and now the only person I am going to listen to for children's book recommendations. For those who don't know who Kristen Schaal is, she is probably most known for her voicework as Lousie Belcher from Bob's Burgers.

Not only does she delight fans with her voice, she just introduced them to a book character she is obsessed with; Kooky Dooky, a character in the children's book,¡Vamos! Let's Cross the Bridge.

According to Amazon, this book's main character is actually Little Lobo and his dog Bernabé.

With one look at the cover of this book, I knew there was an El Paso connection.

The cute star with eyes on the mountain was the biggest indicator for El Paso, Texas being the setting for this book. Obviously, crossing the bridge means Little Lobo is crossing to and from El Paso, Texas, and Ciudad, Juárez.

Once I looked at the back of the book on Amazon, everything about cover art smacked me in the face.

The back biography on the book reveals author Raúl the Third was born El Paso, Texas, and uses his life experiences to inspire his children's books. He also mentions he would cross the border to visit friends and family, like many El Pasoans, so totally get eh El Paso connection now.

I feel like such an out-of-touch El Pasoan not knowing about Raúl the Third's work before a celebrity introduced it to me. Now I am going to need to get all of his books for my new baby, so we can fall in love with these books, just like Schaal.

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