Gun control has always been a major issue of debate in America, but the tragic shooting of 71 people during a Colorado theater’s showing of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ has given this controversy a brand new spotlight.

As ABC News pointed out, Colorado is not as strict as some of the other states when it comes to the possession of fire arms. Though background checks are required of anyone purchasing pieces at gun shows, they are not required for online purchases. In addition, they are neither required for the purchase of assault weapons, like handguns, and high capacity ammunition clips; and ownership licenses are not required.

“All the ammunition he possessed, he possessed legally; all the weapons he possessed, he possessed legally; all the clips he possessed, he possessed legally,” said Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates.

Since the tragedy in Colorado, New York City Mayor Bloomberg has become an advocate for stricter gun control laws, saying it’s “obviously a problem across the country.” For the most part, however, opinions of the general public haven’t seen dramatic changes in the past due to major tragedies involving guns.

One thing does seem clear, though — it’s quickly becoming a major debating point for Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama as the election race continues to heat up. Now’s your chance to get involved in the debate.

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