Coldplay appeared on 'Saturday Night Live' as the musical guest alongside guest host Andrew Garfield. The band performed 'Magic' and 'A Sky Full of Stars' off the upcoming release album, 'Ghost Stories,' on May 16. 

For 'Magic,' the stage was dimly lit with the single's artwork displayed behind the band. The backdrop included a dove with stage magic elements within it, such as a deck of cards and a levitating couple. Chris Martin and the rest of the band gave a solid performance of the single before returning on stage for the next song.

Andrew Garfield introduced Coldplay later in the show for 'A Sky Full of Stars,' the third single off 'Ghost Stories. Since 'A Sky Full of Stars' is noticeably more upbeat than 'Magic,' the stage was much more lively and electric with moving star lights and star hanging from the ceiling of the stage. Chris Martin was almost much more animated as he took the microphone off the stand for this performance and poured his emotions into singing the track.

Watch the videos below for Coldplay's fifth appearance on the weekly sketch comedy show.

Watch Coldplay Perform 'Magic' on 'SNL'

Watch Coldplay Perform 'A Sky Full of Stars' on 'SNL'

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