My Disney-loving heart is sad to announce the closing of Cielo Vista Mall's Disney store location.

I wish we had a fairy godmother to help grant us a wish to keep it open, but sadly, we must say goodbye.

On Tuesday, March 9th, Disney released the locations of which Disney stores will be closing after they made the big announcement last week about 60 stores closing. The real shock is how fast they are closing.

Last week I called our local Outlet Disney store to see if they had any info and of course, they told me they had no clue.

I reached out to Disney's official people on their website and they told me to hold on for an announcement. After the heartbreak, I had for the Wandavision series finale last week, this news is just keeping that Disney-generated pain inside me.

On, you will see a notice on the Cielo Vista Mall location, warning customers that it will close on or before March 23rd, 2021.
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You also can find a proper announcement once you click on the store's info webpage.

No word on any going out of business sales, but trust me, I will totally be stalking them to find out. I am addicted to Disney merch and am always looking for some great deals. Sales are the only happiness that comes from a store closing. Either way, it is bittersweet.

As I mentioned in my prior Disney store article, I absolutely love that store. The cast members always made the experience a magical one. If you are like me, just start singing a Disney song to try to stop the tears or throw yourself in random places and cry like a Disney Princess. Which my favorite one is Princess Jasmine.

Guess I will just have to randomly burst out into song at the food court now.

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