Some people respect other people and their opinions when it comes to certain things. For example, there are people who believe pineapple doesn't belong on a pizza while others do. Maybe the only time some do not respect another's opinion is when it is political usually.

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Then you also have Halloween fanatics that get bothered when they see Christmas decorations starting to randomly appear as Halloween nears. But for Christmas lovers, they will follow through with the usual Christmas tradition.

That Christmas tradition is celebrating the 12 days of Christmas starting on Christmas Day. So technically Christmas decorations and lights can actually stay up until January 6.

But not everyone follows that Christmas tradition and is quick to take down decorations as soon as January 1. But I can also understand how some people rather just get the hassle of taking them down over and done with.

We all know how beat we feel after the holiday madness and still having to work during them is rough. Which by the way, brings me to the next type of people I call the super fanatic Christmas lovers.

This type will keep the Christmas spirit alive longer than January 6 which sometimes carries on a little longer than that. But in a Senior Citizens defense, it is totally okay for them to keep lights on year-round if they don't have anyone to help.

So, I started wondering which type there was more of when it comes to taking down Christmas decorations. Please give a smash on the button that has the type you are in the poll below.

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