Legendary singer Etta James’ passing rocked the music world to its core. While her influence touched many artists, her death hit Christina Aguilera particularly hard. Aguilera’s admiration for James goes back years (they even performed duets together), and she often covered her most famous hit, ‘At Last,’ live.

In a final tribute to the fallen legend, Aguilera performed ‘At Last’ at James’ funeral. Her rendition was moving, heartfelt and heartbreaking. ”She was the one that cut right to my soul and spoke to me,” Aguilera said of her idol. “So tonight, Etta,” she began, her voice breaking slightly, “this song’s for you.”

Aguilera then launched into the tune, inserting her expected ad libs. While Aguilera is infamous for her vocal histrionics, it is obvious in this performance that she’s not just showing off — she feels everything that she’s singing. “I found a dream that I could speak to,” she sang as she gazed at James’ picture. Her voice audibly broke in the next line “a dream that I can call my own,” and her emotions were evident when she cooed, “And here we are in Heaven.

In the last lyrics, “For you are mine, at last,” Aguilera held her notes for an incredibly long time, as if the power of her mourning rested within her lungs. “And we love you Etta,” she ad libbed. “Thank you, Etta James, for the inspiration. May you rest in peace.”

The lines she sang so many times had a much deeper, much different and much more profound meaning than ever before.

Watch Christina Aguilera Perform ‘At Last’ at Etta James’ Funeral

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