Rihanna has a new admirer to add to her Facebook fan club! The ‘You Da One’ singer got her latest ink etched into her skin when actor Danny Trejo was in the same shop for a touch up. The ‘Machete’ star has been singing Ri’s praises ever since!

As we previously reported, Rihanna visited the Shamrock Social Club for some more tattoos. She inked a Tupac Shakur tribute across her hands reading “THUG LIFE.” She also received more ink on her lower back that is yet to be revealed — though considering her new penchant for bikinis, we’re sure we’ll see it soon enough!

TMZ reports that Trejo called Rihanna ”most beautiful thug in the world.” No argument here! Trejo added that RiRi ”didn’t stop saying ‘thug life’ the whole time she was getting it done.” Trejo says he admires Rih’s tribute to 2pac, saying she’s ”one of the downest female thugs in the world.”

Trejo seems smitten with the Bajan beauty. He told TMZ that he kept thinking, “If I was 40 years younger she would be in a lot of trouble.” Good news, Danny — RiRi is single … though he still may have some competition.

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