WARNING: Chris drops some profanity, including a few F-bombs at 1:11, 1:32, and 1:50, and he flips off the camera at 2:01.

Chris Pratt may be a fearless in "Jurassic World," but Internet prankster SA Wardega proved Pratt would be just as scared as the rest of us if confronted by a dinosaur in "real life."

Wardega -- famous for the Mutant Giant Spider Dog viral gag -- punked Pratt when he visited Berlin earlier this month for the movie's premiere there. According to the video, after setting up hidden cameras, Wardega hid as Chris was led into what appears to be the basement of a hotel. At just the right time, the dinos pounced, scaring the daylights and eliciting a non-PG-reaction out of the actor.

"You got me, man, that was good," Pratt was eventually able to say. He was a pretty good sport about it, congratulating the pranksters on their handiwork and later posing with the phony beasts, albeit while smirking and flashing the middle finger.

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