El Paso Live is doing an amazing job bringing in some awesome comedians. Tom Segura will be coming in to perform in September and now they have just announced one of the funniest guys and great Eminem impersonator, Chris D'Elia at the Plaza Theatre!

If you do not know Chris D'Elia, you should get to know him from his standup and if possible, find his old Vine videos. We all know Vine died but the hilarious memories live on. Not only did D'Elia blow up from these type of quick comic videos, but he was also on an NBC show 'Undateable' for a good while that should have received more praise than it did. Obviously, it has been canceled but it was a good run.

You can catch Chris D'Elia on his Follow the Leader tour, which he is bringing to the Plaza Theatre November 29th, 2019. Tickets go on sale August 2nd and you seriously want to get them quick. Check out one of my favorite videos featuring Chris D'Elia:

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