A central El Paso neighborhood gets to keep it's Chicos Tacos, for now, at least.

Chico's Tacos Won't Be Torn Down
Daniel Aguilar, Getty Images

The El Paso City Plan Commission said ‘no’ yesterday to Walmart's request to rezone the site where Chico's sits at Montana and Chelsea so the company can build its seventh El Paso Neighborhood Market.

El Paso City Council will now decide if Walmart should be allowed to put a store there.

Plan Commission members didn't say why they voted against Walmart, but one of the commission members said resident’s opposition to the plan needed to be part of the commission's consideration.

Five El Paso supermarket chains, as well as some residents from the area, spoke out against Wal-Mart's plan.

The chairman of Food City, a three-store El Paso supermarket chain said they believe quote, "this is a deliberate saturation of the market veiled under the name of neighborhood development. El Paso needs more diversity of retailers and not more of the same.”

Wal-Mart says they couldn't find another suitable site in the Chelmont area, and if City Council says no to the new store, they probably won’t build a store anywhere else in that area.

City Council is tentatively scheduled to discuss the Walmart question on June 18th.

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