UPDATE: the El Paso City Planning Commission voted to postpone a hearing on building the neighborhood-style Wal-Mart. The commission listened to presentations from the city which wants the new store if Walmart can meet the area's Smart Growth zoning features. Walmart representatives told the commission the changes they want could pose security and other problems, and say they want to work toward a compromise, but they cannot meet every standard. The commission is set to discuss the issue in two weeks.

If the Wal-Mart Corporation gets its way, there will come a day when you won’t be able to get your double order of Chico’s tacos at the Chel-Mont location.

The El Paso Development News blog is reporting that Wal-Mart is “eyeing the corner of Montana Avenue and Chelsea Street in central El Paso for a new Neighborhood Market location.” And if they can pull it off, it “could mean the razing of [the] Chico's Tacos.”

But do not flock to that location and start taking photos like you did of the Asarco stacks and the old City Hall building just yet, oh lovers of the legendary rolled tacos. The plan is far from a reality at this point, and has quite a few hurdles to clear.

First, The El Paso Development News blog says Wally World may have to modify its plans to get The Planning Division on board. Right now they’re said to be leaning towards denying Wal-Mart’s rezoning request because "the proposed development will not promote a harmonious relationship with surrounding adjacent and nearby properties, developed and undeveloped."

And even if the rezoning of the area is approved, the owners of the four different parcels that make up the combined property Wal-Mart is eying would all have to agree to lease or sell to Wal-Mart. The City Plan Commission plans to discuss it at its next meeting on April 18.