If you have frozen burritos from the Las Cruces-based Green Chile Food Company, you might want to pull them out of the freezer and check them out.

The company has had over 250,000 pounds of frozen burritos recalled because of possible listeria contamination. The U.S. Department of Agriculture issued the recall for a variety of Green Chile Food Company products. The burritos in question contain meat and chicken. The recall was put in place after listeria was found in a routine check of a beef and potato burrito.

The packaged, ready-to-eat products were manufactured between March 8 and May 10. The numbers on the packaging you need to look for are EST. 21740. As of right now, there are no cases of illness because of the burritos, but listeria can cause serious illness, especially in the elderly, pregnant women, newborn children, those who have weakened immune systems.

Check those burritos.

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