There is nothing like Chico's Tacos. It's an iconic El Paso restaurant that virtually everyone in this city loves, even if they make fun of it. A local husband and wife team came up with a really funny fake commercial about Chico's by using some old footage of a couple of local news anchors. Jon Sorenson, of Creative Cat Productions, explained the silliness:

"I like to do fake commercial segues and we needed one about fast food in El Paso so we decided it had to be Chico’s Tacos. The way I make these is to creatively re-edit old content into something new, usually with completely new audio for comic effect. For this commercial I probably brought together clips from 4 or 5 different sources, searching for a humorous angle. Because of the need to keep this clip very short I think I ultimately settled on just re-editing a single news story from 2016 for News Channel 14. It was Linda Ong’s first visit."

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