I love me the classic movies, but I also love classic TV, especially series that might not have gotten much play when they were first aired, but later became cult classics. That is definitely the case with The Twilight Zone. While the classic TV series is now considered binge-watchable, and is often shown in marathons on cable tv, its five seasons were never considered blockbuster.

The Twilight Zone was never shown on the big screen, but there was a movie that was made in the 80s that ended in the tragic deaths of actor Vic Morrow and two young children. It is considered a very good movie, but the tv show is the thing most Twilight Zone fanatics want to see.

Fathom Events if bringing the six episodes that they say fans most wanted to see for a one-night only event in theaters around the country. There will also be a new documentary short, Remembering Rod Serling, shown that evening. In El Paso, the theater that will be showing the Twilight Zone marathon is Cinemark 20 & XD, 11855 Gateway Boulevard West.

The six episodes are:

“Walking Distance” (original airdate Oct. 30, 1959): A man tries to run from the stress of his life by traveling back in time to his childhood.

“Time Enough at Last” (original airdate Nov. 20, 1959): A shy bank teller just wants to be left alone to read and he gets his wish.

“The Invaders” (original airdate Jan. 27, 1961): A woman gets the shock of her life when she discovers a tiny UFO and little aliens on the roof of her farmhouse.

“The Monsters are Due on Maple Street” (original airdate: March 4, 1960): Residents of a small town think they are being invaded, and they are, with a twist.

“Eye of the Beholder” (original airdate Nov. 11, 1960): A woman undergoes facial surgery but while she thinks she is beautiful, everyone around her thinks she is disfigured and ugly.

“To Serve Man” (original airdate March 2, 1962): Aliens cure all human ills but for a really dark purpose.

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