Mike and I get up super early in the morning to go to the station to entertain (hopefully) our listeners. When you wake up in the dark, you hear a lot of weird noises. There are the not-so-weird noises like train whistles or far-off traffic that you might not really zero in on during the day because there is so much other noise around you, but earlier this week, Mike got woken up to one of the weirdest, scariest noises I've ever heard.

His alarm goes off at 2:15 and he had hit the snooze button once when a few minutes later, he heard the noise on the video. I would have had a heart attack, but he managed to grab his phone and record the noise. We're pretty sure it's a fox scream, but who knows, it might be another type of animal that Mike really doesn't want to run into in the early morning hours.

What do you think it is?

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