One of the best thing about living in El Paso is the relative inexpensive cost of living. You can buy a beautiful home here for over $100,000. Of course, some custom homes go for $200,000 or more. So what is the most expensive home on sale right now in El Paso? According to, the house is worth almost 3 million dollars. You are reading this correctly. Three million for a 10 acre ranch style home. The home is listed under Sandy Messer and Associates, Sue Woo agent.

The house is located on Cox Rd on the west side of El Paso. It comes with 5 bedrooms and 5.75 baths. More bathrooms than bedrooms. A bit strange but what do I know about luxury living? The house comes with separate living quarters and a barn for your horses. The house has everything you may need except for a pool. I guess ranch houses and pools don't mix. It's too bad, though. A pool would really "complete" this house. Check out the listing here.


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