Nothing says Thanksgiving in El Paso like the Sun Bowl Parade. Sun Bowl Association officials say float teams start working on the giant floats as early as July, and this year's theme will include American folklore.

This year's biggest parade float is a WWII plane with a bald eagle in attack. Veterans from the WWII will be honored this Thanksgiving during the Sun Bowl Parade. To put the parade on, more than 700 volunteers work to make sure the estimated 250 thousand people who turn out for the parade have a great time.

In addition to the WWII plane float, you'll also see a giant Betsy Ross float for the Sun Court, and floats that will feature Thanksgiving icons and Native American imagery.

If you plan on going to the parade, just know that you will not be able to leave chairs, tents or grills unattended on the street the night before. El Paso police will take down any unattended items throughout the night before the parade.

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