You're The One That I Want, Hopelessly Devoted To You, Greased Lightning, Summer Nights.

Oh my gawwwwwwd, the International Museum of Art is showing Grease on the big screen this weekend! If you've never seen this iconic movie starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John, then you better get your Pink Ladies satin jacket out of mothballs and get your butt to the International to see it!

I don't have to tell you the story of the summer love between greaser Danny Zuko and goody two-shoes Sandy Olsson. You already know that they fall in love, kill their love when the summer ends, rekindle their love while his greaser friends give him hell about being a dork for falling in love with such a, well, virgin. The bonfire scene, the slumber party scene, the dance party scene, the Sandy-becomes-a-leather-pants-wearing-bad-girl scene!

Why do I have to wait until Saturday to see this movie??

If you are planning on taking your kids to see Grease, remember that it has been somewhat sanitized on tv, so be aware that it is PG-13. But it really is some good fun and you know you want to sing along to every song!

The movie is free and the Museum has fantastically priced concessions so you can take someone with you so you won't have to sit there singing alone and probably only spend about $20 for the whole afternoon. Make sure you check out the rest of the museum after the movie. It's gorgeous and will take your breath away.

WHAT: Grease
WHEN: Saturday, June 15, 2:00 p.m.
WHERE: International Museum of Art, 1211 Montana

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