I love classic movies, and one of my favorite places to see a classic movie is in the Trost-designed International Museum of Art. Their basement theater has a full-sized movie screen and this weekend, you can check out a fun, campy movie about the first moon landing.

You might think that the first moon landing happened in 1968, but it turns out, it actually happened in 1899. This silly movie tells the story of a group of British Victorians who created a sphere that took them to the moon. The group is amazed that their creation actually worked, but when they land on the moon, they find a bee-like insect population who really, really like the Earth visitors.

Clearly this isn't a movie based on a true story, it's just a goofy, 1960s take on an H. G. Wells story about the first men on the moon. I love this movie because it has all the best eccentric British humor of the 60s and it raises all the questions that hadn't been answered about a moon landing because it was still 4 years away. Just go see this movie. You'll love it!

The movie is free and after the movie, go check out the Museum. It has a lot of interesting exhibits, and the architecture and furnishings are breathtaking. You can even enjoy the fantastically well-priced concessions. They have popcorn, soft drinks, and candy for a buck a piece so you can take someone with you and will probably only spend about $20 for the whole afternoon.

WHAT: First Men in the Moon
WHEN: Saturday, July 20, 2:00 p.m.
WHERE: International Museum of Art, 1211 Montana

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