El Paso has some pretty neighborhoods, and one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the city is hosting its 14th annual tour of some of the most amazing homes you’ll ever see.

The Sunset Heights Tour of Homes hosted by the Sunset Heights Neighborhood Improvement Association, will showcase eight homes this weekend to give you a chance to take a walk through El Paso’s architectural history. The homes on this year’s tour are:

1. Powell Home - 655 Upson Drive
2. Blough - Brickey Home - 1029 Upson Drive
3. Kohlberg House - 525 Corto Way
4. Burges House - 603 W. Yandell
5. De Leon Home - 700 W. Yandell
6. Medrano Home - 837 W. Yandell
7. McGregor Home -1013 W. Yandell
8. Hal Marcus Gallery -1308 N. Oregon St.

You can get tickets at the Burges House at 603 W. Yandell, or at the Hal Marcus Gallery, $10 for adults and $5 for kids.

WHAT: Sunset Heights Tour of Homes
WHEN: Saturday, October 14, noon - 4 p.m.
COST: $10 Adults, $5 kids 10 & under
TICKET INFO: (915) 533-9090

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