Let it go! Let it go!

Are you tired of hearing that? For a while there, you couldn't go anywhere without hearing that now iconic song from Disney's Frozen. The story of Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, and Olaf took the world by storm and little girls drove us all crazy singing that song.

Well, get ready. They're back.

I gotta admit, this tease has me really psyched up to see the movie. Why is Elsa trying to figure out how to get past all those waves? Is she shipwrecked somewhere? Why did Disney bring back Ariel's rock? Are Anna and Elsa's parents really the parents of Tarzan? Or were they on their way to the wedding of Rapunzel and Flynn and their shipwreck is the one that Ariel played in? Why are there so many autumn scenes and how does Olaf manage to not melt in the golden fall glow? What are all the mysterious diamond shapes on the castle? At the end of the trailer, why does Anna grab Kristoff's sword and appear to defend the three of them? And how the hell does Elsa's hair always look so good???

Ok, deep breath.

We aren't going to know any answers until the fall, so keep surfing the Frozen web for fan theories and conspiracies. Darn you Disney! You sucked us back in!

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