El Paso-area fright fanatics will have a horror convention to call their own this fall.

The first ever El Paso HorrorFest is making its debut in October, and a "Charmed" TV show “Whitelighter” will be among the convention’s special guests.

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”Leo Wyatt”

Getty Images (2)
Getty Images (2)

Brian Krause. best known for his role as Leo Wyatt on the WB television series "Charmed" will be making an appearance at the inaugural horror convention, according to the event website.

Krause starred on the original run of the series about three sisters who discover that they are descendants of a line of good female witches and are destined to fight against the forces of evil.

He portrayed a “Whitelighter” on the show, a guardian angel who protects and guides good witches.

He was also the lead in the 1992 horror film "Sleepwalkers." Written by Stephen King, "Sleepwalkers" revolves around the last two survivors of a vampire shapeshifting species that feed on the life force of human female virgins. Aye, Dios mio!

Krause will be appearing at El Paso HorrorFest Saturday and Sunday, October 7-8.

What is HorrorFest?

Michelle Salazar/El Paso Horrorfest
Michelle Salazar/El Paso Horrorfest

El Paso HorrorFest is very similar to El Paso Comic Con – mostly because it’s from the same creative minds. Think of it as the dark side of a comic-con. Kind of like a 2-day Horrorween, if you will.

Like its comic book and sci-fi counterpart, the horror equivalent will have vendors, panels, featured industry guests, and meet and greet opportunities with celebrity guests.

A vampire-themed café, horror-themed escape room, and a costume contest will be part of the mix, too.

Other Special Guests

Getty Images
Getty Images

Ryan Hurst will also be making an appearance at the horror convention.

Hurst played "Beta," The Whisperers second-in-command, in Season 9 and 10 of the AMC post-apocalypse zombie series "The Walking Dead."

Other special guests include actors involved in the horror classics "Candyman," "Resident Evil," and "Scream."

When is El Paso HorrorFest?

2023 El Paso HorroFest will take place at the Convention Center downtown  on October 7-8.

Cool. That gives me time to get my white bed sheet dry-cleaned and cut out two eye-holes. I’m winning the costume contest, y’all.

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