Charlie Puth has released a new music video for his followup single to ‘Attention’ called ‘How Long.’ Charlie starts off in a mysterious stance and slides into his groovy dance moves throughout the rest of the video. I perceive the song to be about a girl that he is really into going behind his back with other dudes. When the video is near it's end, Puth is seen approaching an illustration of a woman with tender eyes and then the woman is seen manifesting physically but without any interaction between the two. The video ends with the question “How long?” prompted in layers before the screen fades to black. You’ll notice that Charlie might not be the best dancer but his moves offer a similar effect to that of Drake’s Hotline Bling music video; you know, the single dude singing about his love interest and feeling free in his dance delivery!

Charlie Puth’s second album VoiceNotes is slated for release on January 18th of 2017!

Watch the music video for Charlie Puth’s ‘How Long’ below:

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