Cesar Chavez Day is observed every year on March 31. It celebrates the birth and legacy of the migrant farm worker activist who co-founded the United Farm Workers.

It is what is known as a "U.S. federal commemorative holiday," which means it's not a federal holiday, per se. There is no requirement that government or business close on this day.

Because the state of Texas only recognizes the day as an optional state holiday, it will be mostly business as usual in El Paso.

Entities that do recognize the day will observe it on either Friday, March 29 or Monday, April 1 as Cesar Chavez Day falls on a Sunday this year.


● EPCC, no classes Friday, March 29
● UTEP, no classes Friday, March 29
● The El Paso County Courthouse and all county offices - Monday, April 1.



● EPISD, YISD, SISD, Canutillo, Clint, Fabens, Anthony, and San Eli
● City Hall plus all city run departments, and all city libraries
● Federal offices
● Banks and credit Unions
● Post Offices (there will be mail delivery)


● Sun Metro will be operating on its regular weekday schedule.

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