Celebrity chef, Padma Lakshmi can’t get enough of El Paso’s distinct flavors and decides to recreate Elemi’s famous El Campesino Tacos at home.

Last month Padma Lakshmi debuted her new show Taste The Nation where she sets out across the country to feature the cuisine that makes this nation’s culinary palette so diverse, and that included a stop in El Paso visiting with Emiliano and his wife of Elemi.

During the segment, Lakshmi learned how to make Elemi’s delicious vegetarian El Campesino Tacos so she decided the recreate the same dish in her own kitchen.

Hulu Press
Hulu Press

While she didn’t necessarily make fresh tortillas and substituted a few ingredients the results looked good enough to eat.

Taste The Nation which is now streaming on Hulu, kicked off its first episode, 'Burritos at the Border’, featuring Elemi, cooking up El Campesino Tacos which are made with confit Portobello mushrooms, grilled eggplant, avocado, queso and black beans in the blue-corn tortillas.

It’s no secret that El Paso has some of the best eateries around so it’s refreshing to see that Padma Lakshmi was so impressed by our unique border cuisine that she just had to recreate these flavors in her own home.


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