CELEBRITY BIRTHDAYS (2/18/11): JOHN TRAVOLTA - 57  Was and always will be Vinnie Barbarino!!!

--Jillian Michaels - 37   Famous for screaming at Losers. The Biggest ones!

--DR. DRE - 46  He's gangsta. Word!

--Vanna White - 54  Letter turner. I'd still hit 'dat!!!

--Matt Dillon - 47  I'd still  hit 'dat!!!

--Molly Ringwald - 43  "Pretty In Pink", "The Breakfast Club", "Sixteen Candles". Last year, Molly gave birth to twins. Their names are Adele Georgiana Ringwald Gianopoulous and Roman Stylianos Ringwald Gianopoulous. I wish I was making that up. For their sake.

--Cybill Shepherd - 61  She was Maddie on "Moonlighting", which made Bruce Willis a household name. She hooked it up with Elvis Presley in the early 70's but couldn't handle his drug dependency. If you'd like to see a young, nubile and NAKED Cybill, check out the 1971 classic, "The Last Picture Show". Hawt!

--Dennis De Young - 64  Founding member and SUPERSTAR SINGER of  STYX!!!    He hasn't been with them since 1999, though.