The CDC has officially traumatized me and most of the world. As the weather warms up, that means the bugs are coming out to party. You have probably already heard TONS of news reports, highlighting the increase of ticks and other creepy-crawly things. Well, the CDC has released the most disturbing photo, in hopes of warning people about tick bites.

I have been pulling ticks off of my boyfriend's new puppy and freak out every time. Now, that I know ticks can "be the size of a poppy seed" I will have nightmares for the rest of my life. I am not sure if showing this photo is a good tactic to make me click the link to learn how to prevent tick bites because I instantly closed the tab and didn't want to look at it. I instantly had goosebumps on my arms and started throwing imaginary bugs off my arms.

I finally managed to click the CDC link, only to help you great people reading this blog, prevent yourself from tick bites. You also get this great mental picture of an evil muffin.

The three preventative measures the CDC says to take to avoid tick bites include:

1) Avoid Direct Contact with Ticks
2) Repel Ticks on Skin and Clothing
3) Find and Remove Ticks From Your Body

Basically, stay away from those things. You can find more descriptive ways to avoid bug bites and many other cool healthy and safety updates by following the CDC on Twitter.

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