U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers certainly had a busy five days of intercepting drugs at the Border with one scenario sounding straight out of a movie.

According to San Angelo Live, in the span of five days CPB seized approximately 302 pounds of marijuana, 177 pounds of methamphetamine, 61 pounds of cocaine, and a half pound of fentanyl.

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43.5 pounds of cocaine were seized at the Paso Del Norte Bridge on February 18 in a vehicle that was driven by a 37-year-old male accompanied by a 34-year-old female and two minor children. While it is no laughing situation, you can't help but think about the movie "We're the Millers"!

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In case you've never seen the movie, which came out in 2013 (OMG! It's been 10 years?!) it follows a small  pot-dealer named David, played by Jason Sudeikis who is tasked with going to Mexico to steal a load of weed for his supplier.

In order to pass through the Border without raising suspicion, David hires a fake family consisting of his stripper neighbor, his naïve and innocent neighbor and a punk teen runaway- together they pack up in an RV and become the Millers; of course hilarity ensues!

The movie is hilarious, and of course, things don't go according to plan, and also, there's a weed baby and Ron Swanson.

Now, I'm not saying that this incident at the El Paso Border was a "We're the Millers" incident, and the seizure of drugs is very serious, but that's immediately what my mind went to! But also, great job CPB!

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