On April 3rd, you can watch Khalid's big screen debut in movie theaters around the country. With the release of Khalid's long awaited album Free Spirit fans have the opportunity to experience the album's songs in a whole new theatrical way. For one night only, you can catch the short film on the big screen, along with a special fan message from Khalid before the film.

After you witness the film directed by Khalid and Emil Nava, you then get to listen to Khalid's album, along with never-before commentary from Khalid, according to the website's synopsis. The 95 minute long film looks gritty but from the perspective of the real struggles teens face in our current culture. Since the film is inspired by Khalid's songs, you know this story is going to be deep, emotional and make you feel feels like you can't even imagine. Real fans can't miss this new type of way to experience Khalid's music.

You can get your tickets online or at a movie theatre near you.

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