The movie, Captain America is coming out tomorrow in theaters everywhere, but I remember losing my heart to The Greatest American Hero way, way, waaaaay back in the day!  William Katt, who was in the same category of cute white boys as Christopher Atkins, was the Hero.  Friend of the show, John Tesh's wife, Connie Sellecca, played the love interest.

The show ran from 1981 to 1983 and had a typical 80's opening sequence that let you know the backstory to the show, as ALL shows did back in the day!  The song even charted and went on to hit #2 on the Billboard Hot 100!  The show had a great premise and is 80's goofy tv at it's best!  Katt's character, Ralph, is given the Hero suit by aliens, but he loses the instruction booklet!  Highlarity ensues as he tries to figure out the suit AND be the Greatest American Hero.

In anticipation to the Captain America opening, the SyFy channel is showing episodes of GAH.  Check one out, but watch the opening first, you know, so you'll know the backstory!

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