Now here are some true heroes in action. Chris Evans won his Super Bowl bet with Chris Pratt last month, resulting in Pratt paying a visit to a children’s hospital dressed as Star-Lord. Be that as it may, Evans still decided to don his Captain America costume and visit a children’s hospital, too. That’s just the Captain America way.

According to THR, on Saturday Evans followed through on his promise to visit a children’s hospital as Captain America. He brought his pal and fellow Marvel hero Chris Pratt to Seattle Children’s Hospital to brighten the day of the ailing children there.

The hospital posted several photos to their official Twitter account to spread the joy that these two real-life heroes brought to the children there, and it’s really enough to make you reach for a box of tissues:

The hospital made sure to thank Disney for their assistance in making sure Evans had his official Captain America uniform in time to meet the kids, making this day extra special.

Last month, Evans and Pratt made a friendly Twitter bet: the person whose favorite team won the Super Bowl would send the other—in full superhero costume—to a children’s hospital of their choosing. Pratt visited a children’s hospital in Boston after his team lost, while Evans made a promise to do the same, even though he won.

14-year-old Tyler Gower, who is living with acute myeloid leukemia, is a particularly huge fan of Pratt. His mother expressed gratitude for the visit, saying “It gave Tyler five minutes of happiness. This situation will never be normal, but their visit helped make us feel special.”

Hopefully this act of heroism will inspire others to brighten the day of someone special.

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