A lot of us are parents and until now, we've been able to keep our kids corralled at the house, but how are we going to deal with summer and the coronavirus outbreak? They'll want to get outside and run around and they'll be bugging the heck out of us to go swimming.

But is it safe to get in the pool with COVID-19 all around us?

Turns out, the water isn't the problem. An epidemiologist and infectious diseases specialist says because of the amount of water in a swimming pool, the the virus will be diluted and makes water a "highly unlikely source of infection."

Ok, so swimming pools seems to be ok, so should we all head out for a swim? Well, not so fast, skippy. There are other factors like social distancing and face masks - yes, even at the swimming pool. The CDC guidelines talk a lot about public swimming pools but because the City and County pools and splash pads will all be closed this summer, that isn't something that we need to worry about. However, if you are heading out to go to a friend's swimming pool or using your own, here's a couple of precautions the CDC says you should take:

1. Maintain social distancing guidelines - Just like when you go to the grocery store, make sure you have six feet between you and anyone who doesn't live at your house, even in the pool. It will make dunking someone tougher but you can play a lot of pool volleyball.

2. Face coverings - Don't wear them in the pool but when you are out of the pool and can't social distance from someone who doesn't live in your house, cover that face.

3. Sanitize - As with every activity that isn't swimming, you need to make sure that surfaces are sanitized and everyone has hand sanitizer available.

The good news is that the CDC is giving you the go ahead to swim, but in El Paso that means you'll have to use a private pool. Click on this link for more information from the CDC about swimming and COVID-19.

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