The Chapin High School Library needs your help to put on an amazing comic-con style event called Big Dawgs FanCon, happening on April 5th. We have so many amazing cosplayers like Christina Dark, Jesus Coronando, and Mariah Armitage who should have more local places to show their talents like El Paso Comic-Con and now Big Dawgs FanCon. Our beautiful city is also filled with great artists who highlight some amazing paintings, accessories and even comic-themed clothing.

Let's all work together to help out Chapin High gather some of El Paso's greatest comic lovers into one event for Big Dawgs FanCon. The Chapin team are planning this as a family event filled with gaming/VR, a trading card game tournament, crafts, costume contests, and trivia. If you know a cosplayer, a vendor or event a food truck who might be interested in making this event happen, please reach out to to complete an interest form and submit contact information.

I love the comic-book/geek culture here in El Paso and so excited to see it blooming. No need to insult each other as not geeky enough or not true fans, when comic books and pop culture are designed to include everyone. Help inspire new heroes, not act like a villain. 

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