A far east side bar holds a Morning After Champagne Brunch, but residents say they are sick of the crowds who show up to eat and drink.

Born and Raised is located off Sun Fire and Zaragoza and the brunch is an all-day event happens once a month with live DJs and drink specials. A lot of people go to the event and they end up not finding parking in the bar’s parking lot, so they park in the neighborhood directly behind it.

Just like the problems that were happening with the neighborhood near the Three Legged Monkey, residents near Born and Raised say people are urinating and littering in people’s yards. El Paso police say they are going to step up patrols in the area during the brunch event, homeowners are talking about talking to their city reps, or talking to the bar owners about their concerns.

Born and Raised said they want to be good neighbors and have done a lot to provide extra security including off duty peace officers and traffic control specialists to monitor the streets. They said they would be happy to meet with residents to come up with a solution to their concerns.

As someone who dealt with the noise and traffic from Three Legged Monkey, I would suggest that discussion come sooner rather than later because things could only get more and more out of hand.

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