Britney Spears should be on top of the world right now. She’s engaged, about to take back control of her own finances, and has kids that are so cute it’s almost insane. However, the starlet has had a rollercoaster two weeks. First a former bodyguard announced he was selling her out in a book, then her ex-husband Kevin Federline had a heart attack.

Now, Spears’ own legal team is lashing out at her ex-boyfriend and former manager, Sam Lutfi, for “wrongful retention” of drug test results.

Lutfi is currently suing Spears and her parents for breach of contract and defamation. According to court papers obtained by Radar Online, Lutfi lived with Spears during her custody battle with Federline in 2007.  ”He was a conduit for communications between Ms. Spears and her then family law attorneys,” the docs said. “He appears to have first obtained in 2007 and later retained copies of documents describing and relating to the results of the Court-ordered drug testing of Ms. Spears and court-supervised monitoring of Ms. Spears visitation with her young children.” Basically, Lutfi wasn’t supposed to keep the drug test results, but he did.

The documents elaborated further on Lutfi’s alleged offenses. “Rather than apply to Judge Gordon for relief from the sealing orders in the family law proceedings, Lutfi inappropriately invoked the conditional sealing provisions … In an attempt to unseal some of the records that are subject to sealing orders issued by Judge Gordon.”

Why would Lutfi keep the drug test results? According to Spears’ attorneys, because he wants to submit them as evidence in his defamation and breach of contract suits. Spears’ lawyers argue that he can only submit them if he gets clearance from the judge who originally ordered them to be sealed — clearance that wouldn’t likely be granted.

Adding to the headache? Despite rumors of a Valentine’s Day wedding, Radar reports that Spears doesn’t want to marry Trawick until the Lutfi case is closed — and for good reason.

If Lutfi submits the results as evidence, Spears could be called to depose, which her lawyers are trying their best to avoid. The silver lining of Spears’ conservatorship is that it prevents her from deposing. Once it’s over, if she marries, her lawyers believe that Lutfi will argue that if Spears is capable of marriage, she is capable of a deposition.

Phew! A hearing has yet to be set as the case awaits a new judge. We wish Spears a quick and just solution to this mess. We just want to see our girl married and happy!

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