Britney is she's never left the music scene! Her new video for "Work" is flawless!

Britney Spears has recently announced her residency in Las Vegas. "Piece Of Me" is guaranteed to wow at Planet Hollywood with a whopping 50 shows a year. Tickets are on sale already and are selling fast. Spears is expected to make $15 million a year for the concerts and will be singing songs from her new Album which is the 8th album in her career. She will also be singing her classics to bring back those high school "Baby One More Time" memories.

If you want a taste of her Vegas show now, check out her show live from Las Vegas, the Femme Fatale Tour last year.

And I almost forgot to mention, want a chance at meeting the pop icon for yourself? Maybe after you pop out $200-$500 for a ticket, you can dip into the bank account and buy a meet and greet for a cool $2500. Sheesh! I wish I were famous!