If you're a dog lover, you know that all puppers are adorable, but sometimes a doggo comes along that is the most cutest, adorablest, goofiest thing you've ever seen. That this the case with this sweet husky who went viral for what a (mean) breeder called her "weird" face.

This pup, whose name is Jubilee, admittedly doesn't have the traditional husky look. Huskies have fierce faces that make them look like they should be sitting next to a Viking king because their appearance is so regal. Jubilee looks like she should be starring in her own Saturday morning cartoon series. Her face is goofy and fun and her eyes seem to be made for getting humans to smile.

The breeder didn't appreciate Jubilee's charm and gave her up to a shelter saying a weird looking husky would never sell. She was at the shelter for a while, but when they posted about her on their Facebook page, she became an internet sensation. People were saying that she was adorable and loved her googly eyes. Her eyes are the result of a congenital condition that only affects the way she looks but poses no problem for Jubilee.

Thankfully the Facebook post by Husky House did the trick. Jubilee has found her forever home and her family says they don't want her to become a "circus sensation", so they've created a Facebook page for her where you can go and check on her progress. They are remaining anonymous so that they don't get swept up in the Jubilee fame train.

We're so glad that Jubilee seems to have found the perfect home.

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