No Shave November has been around for 10 years helping raise awareness and funds for those fighting cancer. No-Shave November is the chance for men, and even some women to let their hair grow wild and free for a good cause. People are encouraged to embrace their hair, which many cancer patients lose during treatments like chemotherapy. For the entire month of November, people are asked to not shave and save up the money they would typically spend on haircuts, razors, shaving cream and other grooming supplies. The goal is to take all the money and donate it to charities who help those fighting cancer. Since No Shave November's inception, many high-profile names have participated in raising awareness and throwing out their razor from celebrities to sports stars. Now, even entire law enforcement departments are getting in on the hairy fun.

According to the No Shave November website, the current organization in the lead for raising money is the Hemet Police Department in California. Also in the top 10 fundraisers includes the Pasadena Police, Greenburgh Police, Denver Sheriff's Department. Under the organization leaderboard, the top 10 contributors are all law enforcement departments. Now, the El Paso County Sheriff's want to get in on the fun and start raising money for the good cause. Here is what the El Paso County Sheriff's Officers Association told followers on their Facebook page:

"The El Paso County Sheriff’s Officers Association is proud to announce a 'No Shave November' fundraiser thanks to Sheriff Wiles’ approval. No shave November will allow us to raise awareness and money for members of the Sheriff’s Office who are battling cancer by allowing Deputies and Detention Officers to grow facial hair during the month of November. We hope to be able to help ease the financial burden on some of our Officers that are going through some tough times with this fundraiser."

We're guessing that a lot more women are going to be pulled over in November, but they won't be upset about it. We'd just like some followup photos of how the officers' beards are looking during the month, and hopefully they can keep them into December as well.

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