A video of a confrontation between a father and an El Paso police officer over the use of an East El Paso park’s tennis court has many debating who handled the situation worse.

The encounter left the man's 6-year-old-son crying hysterically after the officer threatened to arrest his father, Mauricio Solis, for criminal trespass if he didn't vacate the tennis court.

According to Solis, who posted the clip on Youtube and gave his side of the story to The El Paso Times, the face-off with the officer -- identified as Sgt. Quintanilla -- occurred Sunday morning (Nov. 6) at Cielo Vista Park after he and a couple of women who wanted to use the tennis court to play tennis had a few words over him using the court to play catch.

Mauricio Solis via Youtube

Solis told the paper one of the women called the cops after he refused to leave, explaining park rules did not prohibit him from playing catch on the tennis court.

Check out the video below and comment with who you think comes off looking worse.  In my opinion, everyone involved -- from the father to the El Paso Police Officer to the unnamed women should be ashamed of themselves. But especially the dad.

From the second his son went into hysterics, he should have grabbed his gear and split, regardless of how much in the right he thought he was. What do you think?