On June 1st Blue October will make their way back to El Paso with a free show at Speaking Rock Entertainment Center supporting their new album “Home”.

The San Marcos, Texas based band, Blue October is back with their 8th studio album with “Home” which happens to also be the title of their latest hit single and it is packed with lots of positive love and light, something that the band is not necessarily known for. According to Justin Furstenfeld, ‘Home” is all about allowing happiness and love into ones life and welcoming the beauty of being alive.

Justin Furstenfeld, front man of Blue October seems to be in a better place. It’s no secret that Furestenfeld has dealt with his share of depression and drug addiction and this has permeated the band’s signature sound for many years, but now something has changed. Justin Furstenfeld is living his life everyday with appreciation and not allowing the ugly, dark and dampened clouds that fill him with anxiety to overtake his new found love of himself and life in general. His new found mind-set and incredible transformation is hard to contain and he’s making sure everyone knows how blessed he’s been to receive a second chance to get back in the game of life. Blue October’s newest album “Home” drops on April 22, 2016.

  • Blue October
  • Speaking Rock Entertainment Center
  • Wednesday – June 1, 2016
  • Admission: Free

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